20+ Best Typography WordPress Themes

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Typography, an art of creating written language into beautiful images, has grown popular as the world has gone more digital. Of course, typography has always been with us through history, but it has become a whole lot easier and a whole lot interesting to do ever since the digital world has been uncovered.

Typography has been a growing art form, continually used by modern artists for designs and other uses. In fact, it has been used for logos and re-branding of big, international companies, to make their brand visually appealing enough that it stays in the mind of people. For some who use this as a form of art, instead of commercial purposes, typography has become an expression of one’s art.

Elements of Typography

Typography is important because it conveys a feeling or an emotion that art works usually do. It attracts people to keep reading them, to lock them in and feel the emotion. And as an art, typography is a mix of various elements.

First of all, typography should have consistency. There should be consistency in the typefaces used, formatting, bullets, leading, and kerning. This is crucial for the overall design of the typography. Consistency not only makes it easy to read, but also makes it look professional.

Next, hierarchy is vital to any typography. It is important that the sequence of words is put in order so that they are read properly. Typography also follows a certain ergonomics behind it — it shouldn’t be extremely difficult to read and it should move with the flow of the eyes. In addition, the important words should be highlighted properly without overshadowing the supporting words. Basically, the reader should know exactly where to look and what to keep in mind when reading your typography.

Lastly, alignment makes your typography cohesive. Alignment of your typography also entails following the movement of the eyes of the reader. It has to strike a certain balance on the placement of the words. This makes the typography a unified piece, which is important for all works of art.

For good typography themes so your visitors will keep reading your posts, here are the Best Typography WordPress themes of 2017 that you can look into:


Yama is a clean and minimalist Typography WordPress theme that’s good if you want something modern yet simple. It opens with a full width background image that integrates well with the header. The header is very simple, too, with only the logo and the menu icon at the rightmost part of it. Below the full-width background image is the content of the website.

The content of the website is purely photos, following a grid layout. Below the website content is the footer, which contains the contact information of the website owner. This is also where social media platforms can be placed. Yama’s minimalistic design and interface is highly responsive, which is good for those who also need to reach out to mobile users.

It is highly customizable so artists can put their own accents in the website. However, users can always just opt to use the modern default interface of Yama, which is grayscale.

The Writer

The Writer is a very straightforward theme. As the name suggests, it is perfect for blog posts or for writers who do this professionally. The Writer opens up directly to the content of the website, which is laid out in a grid. Each story or blog entry is one big block of photo with the title, the name of the writer, and the date the entry was published. Of course, the theme still has a header, but it is really thin. It contains the title of the website as well as categories and the menu.

When you click the menu, it opens up on the right side of the page. It contains a search engine, social links, and popular posts. The Writer is highly customizable. You can upload your logo, change the layout of your pages through a drag and drop builder, and tweak colors for your own design and brand.


Zillah is one of those simple yet modern designs that can be visually appealing especially for young audiences. When viewers open the website, they are welcomed by the title or the logo of the website. There is a thin header at the top where links for navigation can be seen. It also contains a search box. Below the title, Zillah has a slider for featured posts or posts, the website wants to highlight. Scrolling down, the content of the website can be seen. It’s combination of photos and texts.

At the bottom of the page, a footer can be found. The footer contains widgets that can be used for a brief description of the website, social links, and other necessary information. These can all be customized through a drag and drop builder. Customization can be seen live so mistakes can be avoided. In addition, Zillah is 100% responsive. Its live demo can already show you how it would appear in the mobile devices of potential visitors, even if they are using smartphones or tablets.


Evoke is a good Typography WordPress theme that actually looks like a chic magazine. It is best used for lifestyle blogs or websites, considering its design and font styles. Evoke has a header that contains the title of the website, links, social links, and a search icon which expands into a search bar.

Below the header is the subtitle, or perhaps a tagline, of the website. Below it is an interesting layout of website content shown with photos, the title, subtitle, categories, the name of the author, and even the approximate reading time of a specific article. The footer, which comes right after the website content, contains a description about the website, recent articles, and popular tags.

Though simple, Evoke is customizable with a lot of options, has a really responsive layout, is SEO friendly, and has a powerful administration panel. Evoke is really simple and clean, but it is beautifully crafted to fit lifestyle content.


Writer is designed for professional writers who need to look impressive through their website. When you open a website that uses Writer as a theme, you will sense that it is more of a service type of website rather than a personal one. It follows a layout that can be explored when scrolling down, and it opens up with a full width background image where owners can already maximize to give a good first impression to visitors.
Its background image is integrated into the header, which contains links for navigation. Below this, a welcome message can be placed, which is usually what companies do.

Writer even has a portion where testimonials and feedback by customers can be placed. This can be maximized by professionals to increase their credibility and that they can be easily trusted. Writer is highly responsive, which is good for professional writers who want to capture the on-the-go market.


Libre is a fee typography WordPress theme that is as simple as it gets. It looks like a normal minimalist blog that is clean and has limited colors. You can either make your photos blend in, should you include photos in your blog posts, or make them stand out with their colors. Once you open a website with the Libre theme, you can immediately see the header which contains the title of the website at the leftmost corner. It is usually bigger than all the other texts in the website. On the rightmost corner of the header, you will see links for navigation.

Below the header is the website content, which follows a one-column layout. It has the blog entry, the date, the title, and the name of the author. Libre supports any type of custom posts, whether an image, video, or simple writing. However, it is clear that is perfect for long-form writing.


Editorso is another modern Typography theme that fits the digital world. It opens up with a header that contains the title of the website, some links, and social media links. Right below it is a huge full width slider which website owners can use for highlighting stuff that are deemed important -- at least for the visitors. The slider has a good transition, and it would be best to use high resolution photos for the slider to make it impressive.

Below the slider is the featured posts, which can accommodate several posts through a slider, as opposed to some themes that only carry one featured post. The actual website content comes after the feature posts. This follows a two-column layout: the one on the left is the latest posts while the column on the right can be a variety of widgets. You can put here more social links, a link to the newsletter, tags, comments, and even the archive of posts.


Typer prides itself as a striking blogging theme, and it is rightly so as the design is very modern, sleek, and elegant. What welcomes you when you open a website with a Typer theme is a full-width background that covers the entire browser. You can just imagine how beautiful that looks if you are using a high-resolution photo, and it covers the entire screen of your visitor.

Instead of a full header, it has a small menu icon on the upper left corner and a search bar on the other side. If you click on the menu for navigation, it opens a small page on the very left side of the page. Right below the background is the content of the website. They are displayed simply as a short teaser of the entry. It contains the title, when it was published, the approximate reading time for that specific entry, and the first few words of the article.


Good is a quirkily-designed Typography WordPress theme. It follows a unique layout that seems easy to use. Upon opening a website that adapts the Good WordPress theme, you will notice that the site doesn’t have the usual header. Rather, it has a sidebar on the left that contains the title of the site, a short description, and the search bar.

The website content can be seen right smack in the middle, and it has the biggest space in the page.
Website content are displayed as boxes in a grid layout. What users can see are the photos of the blog entry, the category where they belong, the title of the entry, and the date it was published. On the right side of the website content is a sidebar that contains the archive and categories. Good is really simple, but the default theme needs to be improved. But Good is customizable, too, so you can work your way around the quirks of the theme. Otherwise, Good seems unique enough.


As Karen is free Typography WordPress theme, there is not much to expect with this one, except of course if you are into plain and simple websites for your blog. Its interface doesn’t look at all cohesive, but Karen allows you to customize it so you can make it look unified.

It has a simple header that contains the website title and social links. Below it, you can see navigational links and the search bar. Right below all this, there is a slider that looks pretty much clean. This is where featured posts appear.

Below this slider is the website content that employs a two-column layout: the content itself that features an image and the entry, and the widgets on the side which contains recent posts, the newsletter, and other things you can include. At the bottom of the page, where the footer is, you can find an “About Us” portion, more categories of posts, and other widgets you wish to include.


Preface seems to be the type of Typography WordPress theme that is designed for publishing houses, bookstores, and authors who have written several books. This intention is seen in how Preface was carefully crafted. In the demo, you can see that the slider that welcomes the visitors are all formatted to accommodate books.

There are other portions in the website that are designed for more books. This can be used by bookstores to feature their bestsellers and also their new ones that they wish to sell. For authors, they can share the books that they have written and the books that have influenced them. You can be creative with this.

Right below everything else is the blog post where authors and publishing houses or bookstores can create announcements. They can put up a calendar of events here or simply tell their customers or fans what they have been planning up for them.


Literatum is one of the most beautiful Typography WordPress themes out there, perfect for making a good impression. It allows customers to have a visual experience, too, as it boosts written entries on the site. Opening the website that uses Literatum, one can immediately be in awe as they see the full width background that actually moves. Usually, themes rely on sliders for an animated experience, but Literatum takes it a notch higher. It actually allows moving images to be used in the post.

The full width background is actually a sticky post. Scrolling below, one could find the other website content in a grid format, with no spaces in between them. Wherever you are in Literatum, images cover your page. What is striking about Literatum is that it combines the beauty of imagery and written words through its design, understanding that visuals can capture the attention of visitors long enough to appreciate written words.


Worldview wants to be simple enough to be user-friendly, but beautiful enough to capture attention of readers. Worldview actually is direct to the point in the sense that navigation around the website is not very challenging. It gives you what you are there for. It welcomes you with a sidebar on the left for information about the site, and the website content itself.

The sidebar allows the blogger or owner of the website to post a photo of them so that visitors can put a face to their name. If not their photo, then probably a logo of their magazine or group of writers. It also has links to social media platforms so visitors can also connect to you there. Each website content starts with an image where the title, date of publication and subtitle are seen. It is then followed by a short excerpt of the blog entry. It continues until the bottom of the page.


Typist is a very minimalist and clean Typography WordPress themes. It really doesn’t have anything quirky with its design. It was designed to be minimalist and clean so that readers can focus on the written content of the website, which is what they are there for. This theme has a header with the usual website title and a few links for navigation. Right below it is the start of the content. The interface follows a two-column layout for the website content and the widgets at the right side.

Although designed to highlight written content, Typist still allows images to be posted, and that is how the content is displayed. It features a photo first and the rest of the written content below it. On the right side where you can put widgets, you can put the archive, tags, recent posts, and other things you think your visitors should see on your site.


Moment is a very unique Typography WordPress theme in the sense that its layout is surely different from majority of themes out there. Upon loading the site, you will see that it has a two-column layout, but only the right side is scrollable. The left side is a photo of your post, so what you are looking at when you open the website, is actually the very latest entry.

Apart from the photo, the left side has the title of the post, the author’s name, the category, and the date of publication. The division is right smack in the middle so you have a half-page sized photo. The scrollable part, the left part, is the actual content of that specific post. Navigation is quite limited here, though. On the right side, where the photo is, you can find links to older and newer posts. On the left side, you can find the menu option there which opens another sidebar on the left where you can see links to navigate around the site.


Readolog is another Typography WordPress theme that has a nice design that’s compact and cohesive. It seems to have a lot in it, but for some reason, the features all fit. This theme has a header where the title of the site is seen in the middle of it. On the left of the header are social media links where visitors can reach out to you, aside from the website.

Below the header is a thin area where visitors can find links to navigate around the site. Right under it are featured posts, which can be in either slider format or just simply a grid. Scrolling down, you will find a two-column layout. The left column, which is bigger than the other column, is where the actual website content can be found. On the right side, there is a space about the website or the owner, categories, popular posts, and Facebook and twitter timelines.

The Thinker

The Thinker is another one of those simple and clean themes. It also tries to combine imagery and written words through its design. The theme is generally two-toned: gray and white. The header has links for navigation, and below it is the logo of the website.

Right below all this is a slider that are all made up of images. Below it, are the website content itself, displayed as a grid, but only three can fit at the same time. The website content is displayed with photos and an excerpt of what it is about below the photo.

At the footer, users can put an “About Me/Us” portion, a portion to put latest announcements and updates, and other information users think they should highlight. Overall, The Thinker may look sleek and elegant, but it seems to be a very plain Typography WordPress theme. Nonetheless, it still does its job.


BuzzBlog is a beautifully-designed Typography WordPress theme that suits a stylish fashion or lifestyle magazine or blog. It is actually very minimalist, but the choice of font style looks very stylish. It opens with a huge website title at the very top, the subtitle below it, navigation links below it, and the content follows.
In its simplicity, BuzzBlog can still be customized.

It has six layouts to choose from: the standard layout, which is a two-column layout; a grid layout with a sidebar; a grid layout without the sidebar; a list layout with a sidebar; a list layout without a sidebar; and a ZigZag layout which has a quadruple slideshow.

Each of these layouts has its own demo, so users can easily see if they prefer it or not.
Overall, BuzzBlog is a visually appealing minimalist Typography WordPress theme that can surely catch the attention of readers, especially if used as a lifestyle channel.


Writing, as the name suggests, this is clean & minimal Wordperss theme for personal blogs with simple creative features and effects to make readers feel the pleasure of reading articles, it mixes between modern, classic and minimal blog styles, if you are a blogger, you don’t need to have any experiment to setup your WordPress personal blog, you will get high quality, responsive, well crafted blog out of the box to make author only focuses on writing content, and it has great typography to make your fans and followers focus on every word you write.


This is Morpheus, your ultimate experience in One-Page Parallax themes. This is one of the Best WordPress themes 2016 for parallax websites and the complete solution of building fast and efficient responsive one-page/multi-page parallax websites. It will morph perfectly on your needs! This is the first template that brings the smooth parallax experience to whole new level. Forget about Parallax just on first pages. Use videos, sliders patterns or images as parallax backgrounds on any page section you want! What else? The sliders, patterns and images parallax work on mobile devices also!

The Morpheus has selected some Google fonts and build these cool typography combinations for you. Which called them text types and you can combine them however you want in order to achieve cool typo effects. Your website will look awesome and modern!


Olsen is stunning blogging theme for WordPress. Specially crafted for lifestyle & fashion bloggers, Olsen guarantees the smoothest reading experience. The theme has multiple blog layouts to choose from you can rest assured that you will never get bored of your website. You can also style your website exactly as you want it using Olsen’s 20+ color and typography settings.

Olsen comes with more than 80 Customizer settings to help with that. With super customized widgets that allow you to engage your readers in a more personal way. The Olsen suitable for fashion and beauty blogging websites. CSSIgniter team has put a lot effort to developing of this awesome theme with well written documentation.


Brick is creative WordPress theme with an ideal typography huge and powerful options & no coding skills required! The Brick comes with awesome shortcodes and a bunch of options. It has Visual Composer included for free, to enabling a simple drag & drop page builder. Your website will be rank higher in SERP, thanks to perfect SEO optimization and clean code. Whats More? Customizable Shop pages, Translation (po&mo files) Ready, Child Theme Ready and much more.

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