20+ Best WordPress Directory Listing Themes


Before the internet, people had to rely on thick directory books they had to go through to get information of establishments they need to look up. Now, the internet has so many websites created precisely for directory listings. And it is so much easier since just typing a few words and clicking a few things can automatically give you all the information you need. Directory listing sites are also a good means of profit since you can partner with establishments for ads and marketing materials.

WordPress is a good website building content management system to start directory listings since it has plug-ins, add-ons, and all the necessary features a directory listing should have to make it a powerful site. Developers also pounced on this and developed themes specifically for directory listings, combining all the plugins, add-ons and extensions of WordPress to create the perfect WordPress directory listing theme for you– powerful enough to be the only directory listing customers need and yet beautifully-designed..

And it isn’t entirely hard to put up a website for that. There are a ton of directory listing themes out there. Here’s a rundown of the Best WordPress Directory Listing Themes of 2017:


Directory Listing WordPress themes usually follow a certain default format of putting a search box right where people see it, which is usually in the middle of the homepage. This makes a lot of sense since that is the primary function of the website. Directory follows the same default format. Though standard, it has its own good-to-have features as well. This theme is highly functional and sleek, which is perfect for the modern searcher.

Directory is customizable as well, with many theme options to play with. It is also highly responsive, catering to mobile users, too. The newest updates of Directory, which started in 2013, are also good bonuses. For instance, you can now put a video header in your website through this theme. There is also an added 3D Map for an interactive search of your establishment, a street view, and also a business view to show what’s inside the establishment.


Listify also follows a standard layout, but it has a modern and youthful vibe to it. Out of all the features Listify has, what it highlights the convenience of putting it up. This is especially important for those who are trying to put up a website for the first time and lack the time to learn all the technical skills. Listify promises to have the website up in less than five minutes, which is actually pretty impressive for a highly functional theme. Developers of this theme even created a new rentals theme demo for reference for users.

Aside from the convenience of putting up the website, Listify also has other features such as being highly customizable. There are style kits to choose from, allowing users to tweak the style of their website without having to tweak the code directly. It also uses a drag and drop builder for control and ease. It also has nice added features for visitors of the site. Visitors can directly make reservations through the site or make appointment bookings.

Business Finder

From the same developers of Directory, Business Finder has almost the same features, but the developers added a few adjustments to this other WordPress Directory Listing theme. Business Finder claims to have all the elements of a directory listing. For starters, it has a map that has necessary pins for reference of the viewer.

This theme’s search engine is also a bit more advanced than the others. It asks for the category, location, and even a limit to the coverage of the vicinity to further filter search results, avoiding giving hundreds of other nuisance results. Business Finder allows for different categories of establishments, and visitors have access to them through the site.

In addition, businesses listed on the site can have their own advertisement section in the site -- another opportunity for the directory listing owner to earn more. There is also a section where highly-rated establishments can be seen, which can definitely interest viewers who are very particular about feedback and star ratings.

Directory Starter

Directory Starter is a simple and straightforward WordPress Directory Listing theme, considering it is a free theme. It does not have unnecessary frills, but it also does not have that much-needed flair, which people sometimes look for to enjoy their search experience. It has the same features -- a header, a map, and a search box. Below all these, visitors can find content such as popular places. Beside it, in a sidebar, people can register.

This theme still allows you to customize some accents of the site, although, of course, customization seems to be very limited. However, developers have highlighted that Directory Starter is a skeleton theme for directory listings. As such, advanced coders or developers are free to use this theme to make more advanced ones with better designs. Some have already gone to use the Directory Starter template to create nicer WordPress Directory Listing themes for their own perusal.


GeoCraft is another one of your simple and clean WordPress Directory Listing theme. It really just makes your website do its job of being a reference or go-to site for establishment-searching for users. However, the overall user experience does not seem to be interactive. No matter how simple GeoCraft is, developers still exerted effort to ensure that more visitors of the website will be captured. This was done by making this simple WordPress Directory Listing theme responsive and accessible through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

Other features of GeoCraft include necessary ones such as Google Maps integration, free and premium listings, advertising slots, payment integration from PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net, and customizing options. Overall, GeoCraft has all the standard features you will need if you want to put up a highly functional and effective directory listing website, but its blog page template doesn’t make for a unique directory listing website.


Listable is definitely a very modern and beautiful WordPress Directory Listing theme that is fit for young people. It still follows the standard directory listing layout, which is a full width background image, usually a map, and the search bar. For Listable however, the background image does not have to be a map, which already makes for a good design. Below this, there are icons that make the site visually stunning.

Listable seems to want things to be simple, but not in a very plain manner. This is done through, as mentioned, icons, and also features that it believes you need. As such, features remain to be standard. It also makes sure it allows you to monetize from your directory listing website. Listable is compatible with WooCommerce which allows you to sell listing packages to establishments and sell subscription-based packages. Though it doesn’t have a lot of unique features, Listable’s design and framework are both powerful and beautiful, ensuring visitors like the experience of going back to your website.


Classiads holds a very elegant directory listing design complete with necessary features a directory listing should have. It prides itself as the World’s Biggest Classified WordPress theme ever, with over 2,600 happy users of the theme. It has two complete versions that users can choose from: classic and modern. Classiads come with pre-made layouts as well.

Its standard features consist of the following: responsive design, drag and drop builder, various header styles, easy installation, Google Maps integration, and a lifetime of updates. Aside from the two versions and the pre-made layouts, Classiads is customizable. It allows for advanced typography, the use of really great font icons, and a myriad of colors.

In addition, Classiads is PayPal and MailChimp integrated so if you want people to immediately make a purchase to your site, you can do so. Also, you can let everyone in on your newsletter for exciting updates from your directory listing site. It also supports Google AdSense.


Superlist is a very powerful theme underneath a simple and clean interface. This WordPress Directory Listing theme’s unique features include the following: listing type manager, which allows users to create their own user-friendly directory; front-end submission, which allows visitors to publish their own listings and gain revenue from it; package system, which can restrict the access of visitors; and one-click installation.

Superlist has a plethora of features, some of them standard, while some are good add-ons. For instance, Superlist is compatible with various modes of payments such as PayPal and Stripe. It also has pricing tables for visitors who want to have a listing. This theme also allows visitors to write and read reviews and listings. It also supports multiple currencies for international visitors. Another good thing about Superlist is that it can allow users to utilize coupons which can pull more visitors in, as these can be in a form of special promos or discounts.

Point Finder

Point Finder has your standard WordPress Directory Listing themes such as an advanced theme option, quick set-up, a visual composer, and many others. However, Point Finder made sure that its unique features are highlighted as well. For starters, Point Finder allows for multiple payment options through PayPal, Stripe, Robokassa, PayUMoney, iDeal, and pagseguro. This is important because, although there are leaders in online payment, some people choose what fits their needs. Multiple payment options mean having a wider audience reach.

Next, Point Finder clears up that it employs a pay per post system. Although this makes things easy for those who want to have a listing on your site, it could still improve by also exploring packages. Point Finder also employs a membership system. Aside from selling listings to establishments, Point Finder can sell memberships to visitors who keep looking for listings. You can use this to gain more money while you provide them discounts for establishments.


Listings is a WordPress Directory Listing theme that does not exactly follow the standard default theme of directory listings. Instead, it has a header where the search bar is found, and below that is the content itself. Due to the layout of Listings, it seems that its niche is more for Car Dealers and Real Estate, instead of being a directory listing theme for establishments such as salons, restaurants, and many others.

Aside from being a highly-responsive directory listing theme, Listings makes sure that it is highly customizable with eight page templates to compensate for its simplicity, unlimited sidebars, custom map maker, over 600 Google Fonts to choose from, seven preset schemes, and unlimited attributes. Listings stands out with its brand widgets, which doesn’t seem to be a standard in all directory listings. This is good for those who use Listings for car dealing as you can use it to highlight the premium car brands that you deal to attract more visitors.

Atlas Directory

Atlas Directory has a very modern interface to it that can appeal to the young and the digital-savvy. This theme opens up with a huge map on the right side of the page, and on the left, is a short description of the directory listing. This could be changed to whatever the directory listing owner wants to be. The navigation bar is at the leftmost area of the page. It is reduced to icons that are internationally-recognized for search, home, profile, favorites, menu, and pins.

At last Directory has a header, too, where categories of establishments can be placed. It can be gathered that Atlas Director has a very simple interface, as it directs visitors to the only things they need to see. It doesn’t force visitors to go see things that they probably think are unnecessary. Overall, Atlas Directory is surely very modern and easy to use. It does its job as a directory listing template with standard features, but a quirky interface.

The Navigator

The Navigator is a WordPress Directory Listing theme that is perfect for travel guides and tourists’ attractions. It opens up with a header and a huge full width map with pins, which helps travelers know which places to go to if they are in a certain country. The pins also differ in color, which can make it easy for the user to mark places. You can assign a specific pin color for a specific type of place. For instance, a red pin can signify a must-see landmark in Paris, while the yellow pin can signify a popular restaurant you have to try.

Once visitors hover their cursors on these pins, there will be a tiny viewer at the bottom left of the screen that shows a sneak peek of the place. However, if visitors are looking for something more specific than that, then they can always just utilize the search bar at the top-right corner of the page. They can also use the categories on the header for further filtering.


DirectoryS is your average WordPress Directory Listing theme, but at least it has complete features that you might find necessary once you put up your own directory listing website. It doesn’t have striking features as the other WordPress Directory Listing theme, and its interface is also very average yet clean and simple.

DirectoryS has a responsive layout, so at least it reaches mobile users. It promises to only take two minutes to set up, and you can install a demo content if you think you like it. Aside from being responsive and easy to install, DirectoryS is retina-ready, so it still looks good on a device that supports retina display. What’s good about DirectoryS is that it uses advanced Google Maps, which has a variety of pins and categories that are customizable. This makes it easier for users to track establishments in your map. In addition, DirectoryS further advanced their filtering by adding location, category, and keywords.


Metrodir is a colorful and modern WordPress Directory Listing theme that is actually reminiscent of Windows 8’s interface. Metrodir also opens up with a header that contains logos, social media icons, and pages. Below it is the search bar and the map, which you can actually hide. The map is interesting in itself as it has markers and categories that look different from standard pins. Below the map, there is a legend for markers.

Scrolling below, there are tiles of different colors that symbolize different categories and services. There are many options for every service i.e. Offices, Entertainment, Shopping, and many others.
Below those tiles, there is an area for featured companies. This can also be used for featured promos and advertisements. After that area, visitors are directed to pricing plans. Access to this can be restricted, but ultimately, this has information on how much they can get a listing for. The registration comes after at the bottom, as well as footer for partners and other pages.


MyCity is a beautiful and modern WordPress Directory Listing theme. Its design stands out for those who want to have a sleek and visually appealing theme for their directory listing.cThe template of MyCity is the same, but each portion of the template is designed beautifully. For instance, its full width background image covers the entire page, and it integrates well with the header. The search bar is simple enough, too. Although advanced search bars are good for filtering, simple ones, which are powerful under the hood, are good for a user-friendly experience.

Slowly scrolling down below, you can see that each portion has its own animations, and they are done so with good transitions. They do not seem over the top or unnecessary. As usual, MyCity has standard features such as a list of all establishments per category, pricing plans, and features. There is even an area where popular places, upcoming events, and star ratings can be seen, for extra reference for visitors.


Globo is a highly functional, modern, and sleek WordPress Directory Listing theme that has complete features, plus added ones. It’s very useful and sellable to companies who want to be part of your listing. What’s good about Globo is how it puts importance to establishments who pay big money to be part of the listing. For instance, Globo has crafted their theme to have a good front-end dashboard that companies can utilize when they avail of your service.

Another nice feature is that establishments have their own page in Globo. This includes a brief description of the establishment, what category they are under, and the services it offers. Globo doesn’t just put importance to establishments. It also knows that the visitors also have a main role in the entire directory listing business. Each company page has a star rating and feedback area made by visitors for the visitors. Visitors usually look for this before they avail of services of establishments.

Service Finder

Service Finder is a powerful service and business listing WordPress theme, although its design is pretty much basic, but nonetheless clean and simple. It is easy to use in its simplicity. What’s good about Service Finder is that it strikes a balance between answering the needs of establishments and customers alike. For instance, Service Finder allows customers to book appointments on the directory listing itself. They can do this by going to the profile of the company in the website and directly book there.

Establishments, on the other hand, can manage their profiles, manage their timeslots for bookings, as well as integrate their payment system in their profiles. As such, Service Finder makes your directory listing a one-stop shop where customers can already avail of services. They no longer see your site merely as a reference, unlike other directory listings. In addition, establishments can see your website as another venue where they can reach a wider audience and gain more revenue.

Ultimate Directory

Ultimate Directory is a very simple WordPress Directory Listing theme. It doesn’t stand out through its design, which is very plain, compared to some of the directory listing themes out there. It just gives you the necessary features it thinks you will need. Features are basic, too. It allows users to be creative in customizing the site, as the default interface is very average. It compensates by having multiple gallery layouts, and its main design has a customizable search field so you can have a choice of having a simple search bar or an advanced one.

Just like most of the directory listing themes, Ultimate Directory has Google Maps integrated in it. It also utilizes font icons for a clean and visually appealing look. It also has a custom built-in review system, which a lot of visitors find useful so they know what they are getting into before trying out services of establishments. In addition, Ultimate Directory integrates social media to its design, because it knows that a lot of people use their platforms to voice out opinions and just share positive experiences.

Pro Direct

Although it doesn’t have very unique features, Pro Direct compensates by having a sleek and modern design that helps it stand out and become visually attractive for visitors and establishments alike. Its search bar is simple, although powerful and advanced. Visitors are only asked for three things, unlike some advanced search bars that have advanced filtering, but asks for a lot of information from customers. It only asks for keywords, location, and the category.

The map used by Pro Direct, which is also Google Maps, also has pins, and when you click on these pins, you have a pop up box where you can see information of the establishment you clicked on. This includes a photo of the establishment and the rating. The design of Pro Direct is responsive and retina-ready, so its modern design is perfectly translatable to any mobile devices and devices that support retina display. Overall, Pro Direct makes use of simple features to augment a user-friendly yet visually appealing design and interface.

Javo Directory

Javo Directory is is a award-winning top rated WordPress directory template with new designs and features, the template was last updated this year on 9 October, with newest version of Visual Composer ( 4.7.4 ) for security issue solved! The theme even support bestseller Ultimate Addon for VC plugin which included many shortcodes for reviews, events, items and ratings as well more under developemnt and available after next updates!

This theme is also packed with many more awesoe features that will use to help you for build a directory site, including: PayPal integration, custom fields and couple of listing styles, advanced AJAXY Google Maps, four front-end forms with upload, rating and review system and multiple language support for your directory site.


Another multipurpose directory WordPress theme that comes with nice looking header image with advanced searh option on the homepage and it offers you all the required features for a directory site. Sky is a beautiful WordPress directory template that can be used for any niche listing website!

Sky is fully responsive & retina ready anytime and you can use cool features, such as, 3 different prebuild themes for directory, estate & vacation with lots of customization options, interactive easy-to-use advanced Google Maps search, translation ready WPML compatible, intuitive frontend page builder with drag and drop, easy 1 click demo importer, powerful admin panel & 7 custom sidebar widgets, continually updates & free support. What more do you’ll desire for starting of any directory site?

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