20+ Best WordPress Gaming Themes


The development of the Internet has meant a general revolution in the way that we consume different types of content. The hundreds of publications once printed on a daily basis are now posted just as often in order to keep up with the continuous need for dynamism people have gotten used to. While there are many Gaming websites out there that are designed for publications or to showcase media, most of them are fairly basic and don’t provide the aesthetics or functionality needed in order to satisfy one of the most hard-to-please groups online.

Building a gaming blog or website with WordPress allows the modification of pretty much any aspect, from layout to the way that the general theme highlights text or media. The underlying code is also clean and carefully written as to give a website lightning-fast. In simpler terms, the websites built using WordPress themes have a premium feel. In order to help you, we have put together a list of Best WordPress Gaming Themes of 2017. A one-stop shop for all you need in order to publish a truly successful gaming blog or website.


GameFusion does exactly what it set out to do. It is a perfect fusion of an organized, overwhelming, vibrant design and clean, highly optimized code. The theme is fully responsive and will look great on any kind of screen. Also, it has been built using uncompressed code, which makes it quite easy to modify. For all those worrying about the issue of localization, the creators have included a nifty .po file which will allow an administrator to translate the entire theme easily.

GameFusion comes with multiple page templates to choose from and a variety of customization options. Out-of-the-box, the theme comes with custom widgets which can be moved or removed, a Featured Posts Slider which will bring the chosen posts to the viewer’s attention, and a built-in contact form, for that all important connection between the user and the administrator. The theme has also been optimized for search engines (SEO).


A professional looking, feature packed WordPress theme, TopGamer is perfect for anyone looking to build a site that is virtually indistinguishable from the premium ones currently online. The theme features a dark, intricate design with a lot of ways to categorize content. WooCommerce compatibility is also provided, for anyone also looking to join the world of eCommerce.

TopGamer is easily customizable through a Theme Options Menu, which provides easy access to a plethora of options. Also, the developers have included several exclusive custom widgets which will allow an administrator to display everything, from adverts to social network information, on the sidebar. As far as smartphone and tablet compatibility is concerned, the theme has a responsive design which will allow it to adjust itself in order to look great on any kind of screen. The theme is also continuously updated in order to make it compatible with the latest WordPress Versions.

Game Addict

The very definition of a premium theme, Game Addict has the makings of a truly outstanding WordPress theme that addresses to videogame enthusiasts all over the world. Advertised as a theme for clans and gaming, it has the tools needed to create and manage clan wars. The developers have included a gallery for media content, full BBPress compatibility in order to facilitate the creations of forums and a responsive design which will allow the theme to look good on screens of all sizes.

Game Addict also comes with the powerful Visual Composer, a tool which has been designed to allow administrators to create brand new layouts based on the content provided with the theme. Its many widgets can be mixed and matched, and placed anywhere in order to allow total customization. The developers of the theme have also included BuddyPress compatibility and .po files which can be used to translate the website. Game Addict is a theme for hardcore gamers and videogame enthusiasts.


GameWorld is an eCommerce oriented theme designed for those looking to showcase and capitalize on their gaming proficiency. Fully responsive and build using clean, beautifully written code, it can be the perfect choice for all those looking to build a new website. One of the more peculiar features of the theme is the integration of Awesome Portfolio. The theme is completely compatible with any modern browser and any WordPress version. Localization will also never be a problem thanks to its Translation Ready design.

Out of the box, GameWorld comes with a Built-in Mega Menu, a Revolution Sider, over 20 custom widgets and a powerful Admin Panel which will make the maintenance of the site easier than ever. The theme also features Custom Layouts and a Multi Homepage design which will benefit from the integrated Visual Composer tool and the integration of Font Awesome. As an added bonus, the entire theme has been built on the reliable Bootstrap 3 Framework.

Game Portal

Game Portal is the perfect gateway to the world on game-oriented publishing. It is easy to install and to customize and just as easy to maintain. The developers have created a user-friendly interface for those who will want to tinker with all of its options and features, and have integrated WordPress Live Customizer. This tool will allow an administrator to see the changes that he or she makes, in real time. The theme features more than 500 Google Web Fonts and an extremely well-structured code, which even those who are not tech-savvy will be able to read and understand.

Also, from a technical point of view, Game Portal has a score of well over 85 points in Google Insights, and has been built entirely on the Bootstrap Framework. This means that a site built with it will always show up nicely, regardless of the size of the screen it is viewed on. The developers have made sure that the theme is SEO Friendly and that it is perfectly compatible with the General Public License.

Play Games

A theme that speaks for itself, Play Games features a Responsive, Retina-Ready design, a powerful Mega Menu which will allow for navigation on any type of device, and MotoPress Editor integration for those who may want to design their own custom layouts. Play Games is well compartmentalized and efficient, as far as design goes, and is well suited for any kind of Game or Gaming oriented website.

The Play Games WordPress theme has been built from the ground up, on the CherryFramework 4 Framework. This makes it fully compatible with a large number of widgets and shortcodes, and also allows the easy modification of both Parent and Child themes. As far as localization goes the theme is WPML Ready, which makes it easy to translate, and has been SEO Optimized. As an added bonus, Play Games also comes with a built-in Contact Form which allows readers to get in touch with the site owners or administrators.

Video Gaming

Video Gaming is a theme designed with customizability in mind. Ideal for those who like to tinker with the design of their website, but don’t know much about writing code. Everything is easy about this theme. The installation is done in two small steps and everything that comes after, such as the need to modify the layout of a page, or to change widgets or widget location is one through a Built-in Theme Customizer. No code writing knowledge required.

Video Gaming comes with more than 600 Google Web Fonts, Multiple Color Options and a lot of Custom Widgets. From a technical standpoint, the theme is SEO Ready, it features an Advanced Backup feature which will allow you to save your website, and unlimited, free updates. The theme also features a Responsive Design and is easy to translate through WPML. Included in the same page you’ll find over 80 shortcodes which can be used in order to better format a website, and a Lazy Load Effect that will always look gorgeous.


Creating a gaming website with the use of WordPress themes is easy, but creating one with the Godlike theme is even easier. This is one of the most feature packed themes out there. Featuring a Mega Menu, a Side Menu, an Off-screen Menu and a Full screen one, navigation will never be a problem for visitors. Godlike also boasts great search engine optimization and WooCommerce and bbPress compatibility. In total, the developers offer over 250 customization options possible through the use of WordPress Customizer.

Clean and professional, the code is written in an easy to understand manner. If the included layouts are not to your taste, then you can always use the Visual Composer included in order to create your own. The Visual Composer will allow you to make changes to a page through a simple drag & drop system. There is even a Visual Color Changer which will allow administrators to choose the colors for different items from an unlimited color palette.


Youplay has been designed in order to cater to the needs of all sorts of people. Perfect for gaming communities, clans and even news blogs or online stores, it’s a WordPress theme that nobody should overlook. It features full compatibility with WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, and WordPress blog. From an aesthetical point of view, the theme offers a Revolution Slider, Unlimited Colors choose from, a potentially unlimited number of Layouts for each page and Social Network buttons.

The theme has been designed to be responsive on any kind of screen and comes with Visual Composer, for all those who want a particular look for their site. Youplay is compatible with all modern browsers, its code is SEO friendly and has been built on the Bootstrap Framework. It even comes with over 20 shortcodes and Contact Form 7 Compatibility. This is one theme that anyone should consider when building a gaming-oriented website.


The building of a gaming website has never been more enjoyable, than with GamePlanet. This WordPress theme boasts an outstanding graphical design which will surely appeal to gamers all over the world. GamePlanet has been created using uncompressed and organized code, in order to facilitate eventual modifications that administrators might want to make in order to truly make the website their own. It is SEO Optimized, WooCommerce compatible and extremely easy to translate with the help of the included .po file.

Graphically, GamePlanet comes with several Custom Widgets which can be used in order to display ads or content, a Featured Posts Slider which will show any selected content, and a Contacts Page Template which can be used by readers in order to get in touch with the administrators. Apart from that, the theme comes with several page templates to choose from, each of which will leave users in awe.


ProGamer is a professionally designed WordPress theme for professional gaming websites. With an industrial feel and a wide array of customization options, this is an interesting choice for anyone who wants a basic theme with a twist. A Featured Posts Slider, quite a few prebuilt Page Templates to choose from and several Custom Widgets are only a few of the things that you get packaged with the theme.

ProGamer is compatible with WooCommerce for all those who want to set up shops and has been SEO Optimized. As far as localization goes, all though it doesn’t come with a built-in translation tool, it does provide a .po file which will allow administrators to translate the theme. Apart from that, ProGamer features a Responsive Design and is fully compatible with any kind of mobile terminal. Also, the developers offer continuous support for any upcoming WordPress version, so the theme will always be up to date.


This is a theme which can really go head to head with the best of them. Kapa features a Responsive Design, a Content Slider, different Post Formats and Layouts, and much more. Probably the most useful feature is the Review System, which will allow visitors to give marks to any kind of content. The theme is translation ready and has built-in support for RTL writing. It even has a Custom 404 Page and Contact Form 7 support. Kappa can easily be brought to the latest versions through the use of a One-click Automatic Update System.

As far as code optimization goes, the theme gas undergone extensive SEO Optimization and is perfectly compatible with Jetpack and any of the modern internet browsers. The theme comes with extensive documentation for anyone who wants to try and modify the theme on their own, but this is more than often not a necessity as it comes with enough customization options to satisfy even the pickiest of administrators.

Games Zone

Offering literally any feature one might want, Games Zone can do almost anything. This gamer-oriented WordPress theme comes with a Responsive and Retina Ready Design and full compatibility with all modern browsers. The theme has also received SEO Optimization and will have more online visibility than others. It features Google Font integration, Multiple Slider Options, a Mega Menu and a Built-in Events Calendar. This is all from a front-end point of view, usable to those who access the site, not the administrators.

The administrators have quite a large variety of tools and options to use in order to develop a website. Games Zone offers Custom Post Types, Extensive Search Filters, Unlimited Sidebars which can be different from page to page, easy to use Shortcodes and a Contact Form Module which will facilitate the communication between users and administrators. This theme caters to the needs of all people who come in contact with it, just as a premium WordPress theme should.

Game Portal

A true portal, this theme contains everything an administrator might need in order to create a successful gaming site. Game Portal offers Custom Post Types and Formats which will give a bit more variety to a website, more than 80 easy to use Shortcodes, a whopping 600 Google Web Fonts, Custom Widgets and many more. The theme also gives the option to set multiple colors around the theme and introduces a Filterable Portfolio.

There are many features with which to play and all of them are accessible through the Built-in Theme Customizer. Game Portal is a great WordPress theme both for bloggers and gamers. It’s easy to install, customize and translate. While not Retina Ready, the theme does feature a fully Responsive Design and will work perfectly on the screens of any size, and is continuously updated in order to assure compatibility with any new WordPress version that may come out.

Gaming Fan

Game Fan has seen a lot of appreciation from admins everywhere. This is partially due to the flexibility of this WordPress theme. It offers Custom Post Types and Formats, which is always useful when trying to avoid giving a site a linear feel, over 80 shortcodes, sliders and an Advanced Backup feature which will allow an administrator to save the state of a site, in case anything happens.

Gaming Fan also comes with a Built-in Theme Customizer which contains all the panels through which one may change the different aspects of the theme, and a Drag and Drop Page Builder which is invaluable for those who dislike the provided layouts and want to build their own. The theme has also been SEO Optimized and is extremely easy to translate due to its compatibility with WPML. Also, Gaming Fan features a 2-step Installation method which requires little-to-no coding knowledge in order to use.


Blackfyre is a modern, slick gaming-oriented WordPress theme that’s perfectly suited for hardcore gaming blogs, or clan sites. The theme is an invaluable tool in creating and maintaining huge communities. Blackfyre features a Clan War System, which can be used to create and manage team matches, an extremely useful Rating System, and a large number of predefined layouts to choose from.

The theme has been built on the latest version of the Bootstrap Framework, and comes with a One Click Install system which is fast and easy to use. Also, the developers have included full BuddyPress and bbPress support, and the Visual Composer tool which can be used in order to create custom layouts using the included resources. It is also important to note the fact that the theme receives continuous customer support and comes with extensive documentation meant to educate an administrator on how to use every one of its many features.


This theme’s name is its very definition. Gameleon is an incredibly versatile WordPress theme that should not be overlooked. It’s perfect for any kind of videogame-oriented site. The theme features a Responsive Design, an Advanced Review System which can easily be used to rate games or articles, an Interstitial Ad widget with a Progress Bar, and a Widgetized Homepage. There are many customization options and the process itself is extremely simple. No code writing required.

Gameleon has been designed in order to be MyArcadePlugin compatible, it has been optimized for SEO, and also features an Automatic Theme Update System. Administrators will also be happy to find that the theme also contains Slider Revolution, a Social Counter Plugin and that it’s powered by MashShare, so sharing on social media will never be a problem. The developers have done a great job with this one and it definitely achieves what is was designed to do.


If you’re looking for responsive design, then you’re in luck, as Gameworld offers exactly that. This theme is a delicate mix of technical efficiency, great aesthetic design and customizability. Gameworld has the look of a mainstream gaming website and the coding of a premium WordPress theme. The developers have integrated a Gallery, Audio and Video Players, an On-line Chat feature for fast communication, and Built-in Theme Customizer.

The theme has been optimized for SEO, and can be easily translated due to its compatibility with WPML. Also, apart from the normal features one can expect more from this well-designed WordPress theme. Gameworld also features an Advanced Backup feature and a Filterable Portfolio which can be extremely useful in a Gaming Website. The theme is compatible with all of the modern internet browsers and receives continuous technical and customer support in order to keep it compatible with the latest WordPress versions.


When a WordPress theme is called CrystalSkull, you know that it’s going to be something to remember. The designers have built it to be completely responsive and WPML compatible. The theme also comes with Visual Composer. This tool can help administrator who dislikes the default layouts build their own by using the resources provided. As one would expect from a great gaming theme, CrystalSkull also features bbPress compatibility and WooCommerce support. The compatibility doesn’t end here, though. The developers have also made the theme compatible with UberMenu and Layerslider, although they have not included them in the package.

The installation is easy, literally only one click is necessary. Also, the theme is fully compatible with all modern browsers and with the latest version of WordPress, so there won’t be any redundancies. As far as customer support is concerned, the theme is constantly updated both on a technical level, as well as on a functional one.


GameReview is a great WordPress theme to begin a gaming website. Regardless of the purpose of the site, it’s a great choice for any administrator. The theme features a built-in Contacts Page Template in order to ease the communication between administrators and users. You can choose from multiple Page Templates in order to make sure that the one can take advantage of its full potential and a Featured Posts Slider that will always catch the eye of the readers and direct them to specific content.

From a technical point of view, GameReview features a fully Responsive Design, custom widgets which can be used in order to integrate ads and content into the sidebar, WooCommerce Compatibility for anyone looking to also start an online store, and clean, uncompressed code. The theme can be translated using the included .po file and has been Optimized for SEO. It’s fast, versatile and easy to use.


This is modern, beautifully optimized theme that works great for journalistic gaming sites. The Page Templates included offer a variety of possibilities when building the site and the included Featured Posts Slider and the Custom Contacts Page Template will be of extreme usefulness for anyone trying to guide the users through content.

As with any kind of website, there is also the issue of localization. With VideoGamer this is no longer a problem as the developers have included a .po file which can be used in order to easily translate the entire theme. From a technical point of view, the theme has been optimized for SEO and is continually updated in order to maintain compatibility with the latest WordPress versions. The theme also features multiple custom widgets which have the purpose of enabling the administrator to better integrate ads and content into the layout. VideoGamer is a good theme to use if you’re not sure exactly what kind of gaming site you want.


Modern, sleek and with a professional feel, GamingBlog is definitely doing a lot of things right. The theme features a Responsive Design which will always look great regardless of the size of the screen it’s viewed on, a Featured Posts Slider and several Custom Widgets which can be moved around the layout.

For those who are looking to start a gaming-oriented online store, the developers have also integrated WooCommerce Compatibility and a Contacts Page Template which is invaluable in the interaction between administrators and clients. Moreover, the theme can be translated with the help of a .po file. As far as code is concerned, the developers have built GamingBlog as an SEO Optimized theme and have used clean, uncompressed code which makes it extremely easy to modify. While the theme has been built in order to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress, the developers also offer ongoing support in order to keep it compatible with any new versions that might appear. GamingBlog is a great choice for all those looking to start a gaming website, regardless of its exact purpose.

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