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Putting up a website online is now one of the most important things any business or brand should do to cover a wider audience. However, the actual putting up of the website can be complicated as there are many options out there in terms of where your site should be hosted. For instance, we have the following:

  • Webhosting – There are various types of webhosting such as free and dedicated. Free webhosting is usually free though features are limited and servers are shared. Dedicated webhosting means you get to have your personal server. The price will depend on how much control you have over your entire website, from server to all the other technicalities. This could be expensive, but you could learn a lot about learning to build a site from scratch.
  • WordPress hosting – WordPress hosting is managed hosting by WordPress itself, a known service provider. WordPress is known to have a fast and secure server and an outstanding support team. With WordPress, you will still have to share the same server, but you will share this with a limited number of websites only, still ensuring your website will be enjoying a long uptime.

Here are two of the most popular WordPress hosting out there:

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround WordPress hosting is one of the most competitive and popular hosting platforms out there. Here is a rundown of what you get when you avail of SiteGround WordPress’ hosting services.

Plans and Features

SiteGround WordPress gives you three plan options to fit your budget and your needs:

  • StartUp – At $9.95 per month, the StartUp plan can accommodate only one website and 10GB of webspace. It is suitable for sites that have approximately 10,000 visits a month.
  • GrowBig – GrowBig can accommodate multiple websites and up to 20GB of webspace. It is suitable for approximately 25,000 visits a month. It costs $14.95 a month.
  • GoGeek – Costing $29.95 a month, GoGeek can accommodate 30GB of webspace and multiple websites with approximately 100,000 visits a month.


You get to enjoy these tools on top of the plans:

  • One-click installer
  • Auto updates
  • WordPress staging
  • Supercacher
  • And many others…

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BlueHost WordPress Hosting

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

If you’re thinking of putting up a website online, you might have heard BlueHost WordPress hosting. Let us take a closer look at what BlueHost WordPress hosting can offer in terms of hosting services:

Plans and Features

BlueHost WordPress hosting has four plans to choose from:

  • WP standard
    At $39.99 a month, WP standard users get 30GB of storage, 30 GB of backup, 2 GB of RAM, and 24/7 support. It can accommodate 100 million visits a month.
  • WP enhanced
    At $59.99 a month, WP enhanced users get 60GB of storage, 60 GB of backup, 4GB of RAM, and also 24/7 support. It can accommodate 300 Million visits a month.
  • WP premium
    WP premium can enjoy 120 GB of storage, 120 GB of backup, 6GB of RAM, and 24/7 support. It can support 600 Million visits a month.
  • WP ultimate
    For $129.99, WP ultimate users can avail of 240 GB of storage, 240GB of backup, 8GB of RAM, and still, 24/7 support. An unlimited number of visits per month can be accommodated by this plan.

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