20+ Best WordPress Real Estate Themes

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The digital realm is good for business, and real estate is not an exception. Whether you are a broker, a real estate mogul, or just someone who wants to put up a platform for brokers, real estate agents, and people looking for homes to make their lives easier, it is always good to have a website done through WordPress. WordPress is a highly-reputable website building content management system that is easy to use and has many features, which is perfect for those who want to make sure they have no problems with their online presence.

Through a WordPress website, you will be able to have an established online presence where you can sell properties better. All the information your customers may need will be in your own website, and you have no competition in the space. You can even lay out the details of the properties you are selling in a creative way through various WordPress designs and features, attracting people to the properties you are selling. Here are the best WordPress Real Estate themes of 2017 that will help you with selling or renting out multiple properties or single listing.


A theme made especially for real estate purposes, Realty is a simple yet modern WordPress theme for those who want to help people look for new homes and safe spaces. Upon opening the website, you are welcomed by a big map where icons of home properties are displayed. This makes it very convenient for visitors of the website because they can easily choose a property in a place they want to settle down in.

To further help them, an advanced yet simple search engine of properties is located just below the map. Further below it as you scroll down, you can see featured houses with detailed information such as the size of the place, the price, amenities, rooms, and of course, accompanying photos. When you scroll down further, there is a list of agents that people can easily contact. Overall, the Realty theme exudes a very carefree property-search experience for visitors.


DreamVilla is modern theme that exudes simplicity and functionality. Unlike other themes, DreamVilla was developed for the purpose of showing off a single property. When visiting the site, potential customers can already see the beauty of the place through the full-width slideshow. The slideshow also has information that potential customers are interested in, such as the number of rooms, the amenities, the size, and of course, the price of renting or selling.

Below the full-width slideshow, a brief description to pique the interest of the customers may be placed, together with in-depth details of the entire property. DreamVilla allows the landlord/lady or seller to provide more details about the place such as more information about the amenities to boost the impression of the place as well as the other rooms that can be showcased. DreamVilla shows that a simple yet attractive design of a website can help show the beauty of a place.

Real Places

Real Places gives you three variations of how you can use their theme, giving you options for different looks that can help you promote a property. Each variation gives you a full-width slideshow to show the full majestic beauty of the property you are promoting. You may even choose to have a brief description of each of these featured properties in the slideshow. Designed for more than one properties, Real Places puts an advanced but simple search box in their theme for easy canvassing.

Other than, Real Places has other spaces in the theme to promote other properties that are not exactly featured on the slideshow. It even allows visitors to already sign up directly to the site so you can easily have their contact details, and you can communicate with them directly. In general, Real Places is a modern and simple theme that is functional and easy to navigate.


Realtyspace is a quirky theme for real estate purposes. It looks really clean and simple, but it is far from plain and boring. It starts off with a full-width background image that has a simple search box that accommodates all the necessary details a search box should have without the frills. What makes it quirky is that the theme has animations, simple yet it adds to the visual experience of the visitor.

Scrolling down further, the standard features of a real estate website are placed such as other properties you are promoting plus information about them. You even have a space for your real estate company where you can put icons for better site design. To build trust, you also have a space for all the agents working in your team. Overall, Realtyspace is perfect for those who want a more approachable vibe when it comes to promoting properties online.

WP Pro Real Estate

WP Pro Real Estate has so many demos to choose from, making it a very flexible theme for real estate purposes. It can accommodate multi-listings, single property listings, vacation rentals, and more. It basically gives the website owner options on how they want their website to look, provided that the website is for real estate purposes.

It has various multi-listing demos that allows for various highlights. For instance, it has a demo for multi-listings for luxury properties. If you want to highlight a single agent, perhaps you are working on your own, you can do that with WP Pro Real Estate, too. If you opt for this, the theme still allows you to put many listings that you promote under your belt. With WP Pro Real Estate’s many demos, it is obvious that you can recreate your website in any way you want, especially if you want a signature look to it.


Residence prides itself for being a highly-customizable theme for real estate purposes. It currently has 12 demos, and developers are coming up with more to show how flexible and customizable Residence is as a theme. In general, with Residence, you can have a map as your full-width background image or images of the properties you are selling.

In all demos, you can always put an advanced search box for multiple listings of properties. But because of Residence’s customizable property, you can also use this for single property listings. The Residence theme even works for luxury property, ensuring that it covers all aspects of real estate behavior and needs. Overall, Residence’s highly customizable feature makes it a top-notch real estate theme. You can keep using the same theme if you want to redevelop the site, and it still guarantees that you will come up with a brand new-looking website for the same purpose.

Real Homes

Real Homes follows a very simple and standard format that you would see in a lot of WordPress real estate themes. It is not anything fancy, but it isn’t very plain either. It opens up with a full-width slider that shows various photos of the property you aim to promote. Real Homes seems to be built for multi-property listings.

Just below the slider, an advanced search box is placed where people can search for properties by location, size, price, and amenities. A full list of other properties can be seen right below the box, and a detailed description of each property can be seen alongside the photos, for easy-viewing. In general, Real Homes doesn’t stand out in any way, but it is clean, simple, modern, and easy to navigate. It also does the job for you in a very straightforward fashion, so at least you have a functional real estate website.


Properta looks like a very standard real estate theme, but it has additional quirks that could make your website stand out amidst the sea of real estate websites. It opens up with a standard map you could see on most real estate websites, but its map is actually full-screen with the header floating on it. The map itself is a bit different because it allows you to put thumbnail photos of properties in different locations on the map.

Another main difference of Properta is that, below the map, you would see a two-column layout, instead of the usual one column layout of most real estate sites. This maximizes the space as you could already put additional widgets on the side instead of forcing the visitor to keep scrolling down, although, of course, upon scrolling down, much information can be seen. Properta does not have a groundbreaking layout, but it sure has its unique qualities.

AgentPress Pro

AgentPress Pro is really just a simple real estate theme, but it is, no doubt, functional for real estate themes as it is precisely made for it. It welcomes visitors with a full-width background that has a banner on it. Below it, customers can look for properties through drop-down menus to filter their searches. Following a one-column layout, a list of other properties promoted are seen below.

Just like any other standard theme, AgentPress Pro offers you theme options so you can, at least, keep your branding despite the theme’s simplicity. It also has an AgentPress Listings Plugin, which creates a database of properties you want to promote on the site. It also has additional widgets you can put on the site for added highlights, and it is mobile responsive. AgentPress Pro isn’t really a unique theme, but if you want a simple theme that is highly functional, then you can definitely try this one out.

Real Expert

Real Expert does not have any quirks or unique features to it. It looks standard, but it makes sure that your website is seen as a website only for property listings in the sense that it does not have any frills. It starts off with a standard map with pins for the locations you have properties in. Below it is a list of properties you want to promote, and from here, visitors can click different types of properties to filter their search.

What you need to have to compensate for Real Expert’s very standard and plain look is a set of good photos of your properties. Your photos will definitely stand out well in the simple design of this WordPress real estate theme. Overall, Real Expert is perfect for those who want to keep a very professional and direct-to-the-point approach to customers, owing to the very corporate look and simplicity of the theme.


Hometown uses two demos to show how you can use this WordPress real estate theme. Each demo actually looks different. The first demo bears a full-width slider that shows photos of the most beautiful properties you are selling. Scrolling further, visitors can tinker around with the search box or look at various listings on your website. There are more spaces for additional information as you keep scrolling further down the website.

The second demo utilizes a map instead of the full-width slider. However, the map isn’t full-width, as opposed to many real estate themes out there. Just like the first demo, this one has a search box followed by various listings. The most prominent difference between these two themes, aside from the other one having a map and the other bearing a full-width slider, is that the latter demo is two-toned. Overall, Hometown is functional, but both demos are very standard-looking.


Real estate themes seem to be limited to certain formats, especially since a lot of people already expect them to look a certain way. Luster tries to spice it up a little bit by trying out a different look in its theme. For instance, it welcomes you with a map -- a standard for most real estate themes, but its map is spiced up with different icons of various colors.

Aside from the map, the layout of the property listings below it also looks different. Instead of the usual plain squares seen in most themes, Luster gives you listings in grid form. Even the agents' section has some new look. It only has the name, photo, and number of the agents, and you can scroll sideways to see other agents. For a breath of fresh air in terms of the look of your real estate website, Luster could be a good theme.


Realia has a very clean format to it, and though it looks simple, it looks visually appealing. For instance, its map has thumbnails as pins of the properties you promote so your visitors already see what kind of property you have in the locations they want to live in. The search box is very simple, too, yet has advanced filtering options. Scrolling down, Realia has a two-column layout that shows property listing with detailed descriptions shown in icons and agents.

Realia fully utilizes one page for everything, which is impressive because it does not look like it has too many things going on. Being compact, it is well-balanced, still allowing the visitor to have a pleasant visual experience while he or she is looking for a place through your website. Overall, Realia is perfect for those who want to put a lot of information on the website yet try to avoid being too wordy or congested.

WP Estate

WP Estate has two demos highlighting different purposes: first is looking for a place to buy or lease while the other is a booking site. The first purpose, where people can lease or buy a property, utilizes a modern-looking map that has a floating advanced search box. Below it, you can see a two-column layout. The first column shows the other properties listed while the side column shows different widgets. What sets WP Estate apart from other themes is that it has its own mortgage calculator.

For booking sites, which is technically still real estate, especially if all the places available for booking are under your watch, still utilizes a map. The advanced search box, however, is for the location where the person wants to stay for a while, the check-in and check-out information, and the number of guests using the place. WP Estate is a good choice if you want a more playful and functional look.


As of now, Homeland only has two demos, but what it prides itself with is the fact that it has a lot of header options for your taste. Each header option is different in size and positioning, as well as what information you can put there. Other options allow you to put working hours or your address, but if you want the standard website name only, you can also choose that.

In terms of how Homeland looks, it can definitely be described as visually appealing. Aside from the standard map or full-width slider, it utilizes icons to accompany texts in the website. This makes the site look interactive and appealing to the eyes. Apart from that, Homeland has a lot of sections and spaces that you can utilize in case you want to add more information to your website like the brief profiles of your agents, some featured properties, and even your blog.


DREAM LAND is definitely a modern theme. Although it has the standard features of most real estate themes, it uses parallax scrolling, giving off a 3D vibe when one scrolls down. This is very obvious because scrolling down is the only way to navigate the site, unless you want to add more pages accessed through clicking the categories on the header.

DREAM LAND’s format is very clean without being boring, making it pleasing to the eyes. Photos other than your properties can make your website look more attractive with the site. The only flaw of DREAM LAND is that, because of its effects, it could be a bit slow to load. In any case, DREAM LAND brings a good visual and navigational experience to the visitor who might be used to simple-looking real estate websites. This theme definitely shows you put a lot of effort into making the experience of looking for a property pleasant to your potential customers.


FullHouse is a real estate theme that exudes professionalism, convenience, yet still maintains an amiable vibe toward its potential customers and site visitors. Furthermore, FullHouse is very flexible and customizable, as seen in its various demos created by the theme’s developers -- and they are still making new ones. It should be noted that even the color combination of the demos look different from each other.

What is impressive about FullHouse is that you can totally have a different-looking website with the same theme. For instance, the majority of the themes has a full-width background image or slider, but it has one that looks entirely different as it highlights the search box of the site. It is further complemented by photos you can put below it and a text for a description of your services. Overall, FullHouse doesn’t exactly stand out, but it allows you full freedom as to how your real estate should look like.


Estate is a sleek, modern-looking WordPress real estate theme that is good for those who want to look very professional and design-savvy. If you look at the layout of Estate, you would notice that it is technically very standard. But what makes it really impressive is that, with a standard layout, Estate was able to develop a sleek design out of it through excellent typography and subtle animations.

The advanced search box of Estate is pretty simple to tinker around with, too, with only drop down menus and bars for prices and sizes. The layout of Estate has a featured property section, which is good if you want to promote a newer property. Right below it, are where the other listings are placed. Estate is another theme for real estate purposes that uses icons right, ensuring a visually appealing experience. It is a good theme for those who want to have a functional and beautiful website.


Windsor is a beautifully-designed and modern-looking WordPress real estate theme. It stands out from the rest of the real estate theme as it has a very unique design. For instance, while it does welcome you with a full-width background, the design within the background is done beautifully. In addition, the menu and navigation are seen on the left corner, sort of like a mini widgets area.

Scrolling down, you would see more information about the property you are selling or renting out. You can even list down the amenities and highlights in bold numbers. Further down, there is a mini photo tour for your properties, and you can even include floor plans for a more professional and comprehensive detail. Windsor definitely made use of typography pretty well in the theme, and the design is highly visually appealing and unique. It also uses icons and subtle animations for a modern and sleek look.


Landmark is another standard WordPress Real Estate theme that does not offer so much in design, but offers a lot of functionality. Though its layout seems standard, Landmark also uses parallax effect, putting it on a higher level in terms of visual experience compared to other standard themes.

Landmark has several demos, showing how customizable, it is and how flexible it is in terms of use. You can use the theme for multi-property listings or single property. Maps are essential to real estate themes, and Landmark gives you two different options to view the map: half map on the page or the regular full-width map. Other demos of Landmark are more straightforward than others, showing just the map below a simple search bar, and a line of other properties right below it. Overall, Landmark wins in flexibility and capacity to be customized but not so much on the uniqueness of the design.

To help you decide how you can boost your real estate business, we have created this list that identifies the best WordPress real estate themes of 2017. This should make it a bit easier for you to know what will work for your business.

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    Does anyone know of any light weight Real Estate WP templates that are available? All of the ones that are available to purchase all look nice, but they take ages to load. I’m looking for one with basic functionality, only one or two css / js files and as little as possible number of plugins. Basically the fastest Estate Agent theme available. Thanks

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