20+ Best WordPress Restaurant Themes


Are you looking for an eye-catching WordPress theme for your restaurant website? In this post we showcase best high quality WordPress themes that are designed specifically for restaurants, grills, bars, cafes, bistros and other food establishments. These beautiful responsive themes come packed with everything you need to launch a successful restaurant website.

Restaurant-owners, whether small mom and pop’s restaurants, small to mid-scale business, or huge food-chains, should be aware that people regularly search online for restaurants nearby. One way of taking advantage and adapting to this is to have a website. People nowadays just turn on their mobile devices and computers to search for restaurants nearby, and if you don’t come up there even if you are, then you are as good as non-existent. Aside from gaining awareness about their restaurant, websites can help boost the profits of restaurants.

WordPress allows you to have control of website management and access to many themes that have features to support your restaurant business i.e. online reservations and menu promotion. If you are already using WordPress, you may take advantage of the following best WordPress restaurant themes of 2017, whether you are a small cafe or a huge chain of restaurants, that were identified based on their function and design:


ROSA is a beautifully and elegantly-designed WordPress theme for restaurants. It opens with the regular full-width background image that you can maximize for your restaurant name, but it is designed beautifully in such a way that it does not look like your regular rectangular-shaped image. It uses parallax effects so it creates a 3D effect when customers scroll down, allowing for a seamless and visually appealing customer experience.

ROSA’s simplicity is far from plain, and one can even argue that it isn’t seamless at all. It works well if you know the right colors to your website because it integrates it well, given the design. The typography looks great, too. Just like other themes, ROSA allows your customers to book online and subscribe to your newsletter. Overall, ROSA is definitely a breathtaking WordPress restaurant theme, elegant and chic especially for luxury restaurants. It will definitely catch the full attention of your customers.


Developed for the sole purpose of giving restaurants a good WordPress theme, Sage tries its best to be the only WordPress restaurant theme you will need. This is very evident in the number of demos the developers laid out to all potential customers of the theme. You can choose a demo that suits the cuisine of your restaurant, may it be Asian, American, or European. If you only serve drinks, Sage can also arrange a good look for you.

Regardless of what kind of look you want, it seems that Sage has a standard look. It starts off with full-width background image that you can fully utilize to showcase the type of food you serve. When visitors scroll down, they can see various sections such as about your restaurant, your menu, more information about the chef, and many others. Overall, Sage offers a very modern look for your restaurant’s website.


Cuisine offers a modern design fit for digital use. It opens with your standard full-screen background image or slider. Your visitors will be able to navigate your entire site by scrolling downwards, but of course, there are links all over the site in strategic places should you want other pages for more information. What’s good about the slider is that it has its own animation that isn’t too overbearing.

The typography of Cuisine is the reason why it looks very modern. It makes use of a healthy combination of big bold letters and cursive ones to heighten the visual experience. It also offers various sections as visitors scroll down further, including a grid menu of food and profile of your chef. You can place additional information such as store hours and contact detail at the bottom of the page. Cuisine can make your website look really modern, if that’s your goal.


Bite is another modern WordPress restaurant theme that you could use to catch the attention of your visitors. It allows you to post a lot of photos of the food you serve, which is very helpful for restaurants because it piques the interest of your customers. Though Bite looks like your standard one-pager website theme, it could stand out on its own due to how it looks.

First off, Bite uses parallax effects. The theme’s animation is seamless. In fact, there is a section where you can show a video or a GIF instead of a regular image. It also allows you to show the menu directly, instead of requiring visitors to click on another page. The menu, itself, has good typography and design. Just like most of restaurant themes now, you scroll down further and find more information about the restaurant, and owners can maximize this to their benefit.


Piquant gives you different variations of the home page, which is essentially how you want to welcome your visitors. Each home page looks different, which perhaps is the unique quality of Piquant. It has your standard website look where a full-width background image or slider is shown, a relatively smaller background image or slider just to frame your homepage, or a letterhead type.

Aside from the homepage, it also offers different types of menu formats, so you can be creative as how you want to highlight the important dishes on your menu. In terms of design, Piquant is definitely very modern with the right balance of dark and bright colors. Overall, Piquant gives you a lot of room to play with your website, giving you many options for the look but still ensuring that the design and the ease of use of the site will be consistent in terms of quality.


Resca seems to be your ordinary WordPress restaurant theme. After all, what welcomes your visitors when you use this theme is another full-width background image or slider. Scrolling down further, you see different sections that allow you to put your menu, a brief profile about your restaurant, perhaps a chance to boast about your chef, and information about your restaurant i.e. where you are located, which social media platforms you are present in.

What makes Resca unique, though, is that it has add-ons that will help you boost your business. For instance, visitors can already book a reservation through the website. It even has a section for events in your restaurant, if you regularly host events. It also has a plug-in for newsletter subscriptions so you can easily distribute announcements. Resca is definitely a very functional WordPress restaurant theme, despite the fact that it might look like your standard theme.

Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant is a WordPress restaurant theme that bears a modern design, however, in terms of design, it does not seem to stand out. It does, however, allow you to make your website purely visual with less texts, so if you are using Grand Restaurant, you have to make sure that you have really good quality photos to use in your website. It also uses parallax effects, so it could be a bit slow to load for some devices, but it is, however, responsive.

What’s really nice about Grand Restaurant is how it shows your menu. Instead of just texts, it allows you to post pictures of every item you serve, plus the price and name of it below. This is extremely important because customers usually want to see how your dish look like aside from what is inside it. But of course, you are also given the chance to describe your dish briefly.


Delicio is pretty straightforward with what it offers to potential restaurant owners in terms of digital assets. It has two demos you can choose from, and from here, you can already see if Delicio is for you. Both demos open up with a full-width background image or slider. The first demo, however, is your regular scrollable design. Going further, you can see the different sections of the website where you can put the profile of your restaurant, your menu, and other additional information.

The second demo, if you opt to choose this, uses the slider and the header as your navigation guide. Scrolling down will only give you the footer where bits of technical information can be placed. But if your visitor wants to go around the site to see the menu or book a table, he or she has to click on the links found on the slider or the header.


Restaurante theme doesn’t really offer much in terms of layout of the theme, but its typography sure enhances the visual appeal of the overall design. It uses a combination of font and colors, providing a vibrant look for it, especially if you want your restaurant to give off an approachable and casual vibe.

What’s particularly interesting about Restaurante, though, is that it has a mini window in one of its sections when you scroll further down. The demo uses it to show the menu, which you can, too, considering it’s a clean, quaint place for texts. But if you don’t like it, you can go for the usual look of the menu. It also has additional sections for events and galleries, which is helpful for restaurants that usually hold events and are particular about offering that kind of service. Overall, Restaurante is perfect for those who want their restaurant to look accommodating and homey.


Despite Sushi’s very ordinary look, the developers really did a great job with its demo. It starts off with the regular full-width background image or slider, and it follows a scroll-down layout where sections are discovered in just one page. Though it has a standard design, the typography can still be improved as it looks very plain despite the burst of colors in the theme. The demo, on the other hand, makes it convenient for potential customers of the theme to see how it looks with different settings.

Overall, Sushi does not excel in a lot of things. Its design is a bit mediocre, although it is functional, considering that it has all the sections that most restaurant themes have. The color scheme is very limited, too, but this WordPress theme should be okay if you are starting out or if you really just need to establish your online presence.


Designed for websites of restaurants, Capella is a beautiful WordPress theme despite the fact that its layout is standard and ordinary. It compensates with the design of the theme, using good typography and a balance of colors typically seen in well-designed themes. The layout is standard in the sense that it also opens up with a full-width slider or background image, and you have to scroll down to navigate the site.

What’s good about Capella is that, when you have quality photos to put up on your website, it does not compromise the quality. Your photos seem to be uploaded as is, so you have to make sure you have really nice photos. It also uses parallax scrolling, creating 3D effects while scrolling for a visually-entertaining experience. Other than that, everything is pretty standard -- the sections available on the site are the same as the other restaurant themes for WordPress websites.


Savory is a very flexible WordPress theme for restaurant websites out there. In fact, it has so many demos, and each demo shows a restaurant’s highlights in different ways. For instance, some demos welcome visitors with the very common full-width background image or slider, while some do it in a different way -- by showing a grid of food photos to entice customers. Aside from these two, there are still different layouts for your choosing.

There are actually very good advantages when using Savory. Aside from the different homepage designs, the typography and color combination of these designs look very creative. Of course, it is still the prerogative of the website owners to choose color schemes and fonts, but the fact that it can be done on the demos means that owners have creative freedom when they use Savory. This is important for branding and for the visual experience of the visitor.


LaCuisine is basically functional with a relatively decent design. The design is fairly decent in the sense that a lot of modern designs already look that way, so it does not look so extraordinary anymore. But still, it looks pleasing to the eyes. In any case, you can still try to fix this with LaCuisine’s theme options and customizer anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s good about LaCuisine is that it looks very clean. It is not minimalist, and it does not try to be minimalist, but it looks sleek and crisp in a very organized way. The clean vibe that LaCuisine works in two ways: it highlights the photos of your website, which helps in the visual experience of the visitor; and reflects your priorities as a restaurant. Overall, LaCuisine, with its fairly decent yet clean design and functional plug-ins, is a good theme for restaurant owners.

The Steam

The Steam is a one-pager website that uses parallax effects that allows for a visually-appealing design and experience for visitors. Though it has a standard design that most WordPress restaurant themes use to look modern, The Steam has a luxurious touch to it, most evident in the typography and colors used for the design. As such, it looks perfect for luxury restaurants, but of course, it is not limited to such restaurants.

What’s unique about The Steam is how it allows you to present its menu on the website. While other would usually have a standard light background for you to see the menu text, The Steam uses an image as the background, making it look exquisite and classy. The Steam’s simplicity is far from plain. It looks very sophisticated and chic. In general, The Steam is absolutely terrific at making standard and common designs look very classy and luxurious -- and it works!


Resto is a very interesting theme. Technically, it follows the same standard layout as a lot of WordPress themes, but despite that, you can see the effort it does to look different. For starters, the full-width slider has a different look to it, aside from the regular rectangular shape. Even the header is different. Instead of putting the links directly on the header, it just has a simple menu bar on the upper left side for simplicity.

In terms of typography, Resto is perfect for those who want to exude an approachable and casual brand for their restaurant. It even makes use of icons for a neat look. Everything else is standard, though. The theme is scrollable, putting everything in one page. Customers can also book or reserve a table through the site. Additional information can also be put in the footer of the entire page. Overall, Resto is a good theme a certain brand it suits.

Royal Plate

Royal Plate gives justice to its name -- it sounds luxurious and the design of the theme actually passes off as luxurious. The design is very common. You see it almost everywhere -- it is a one-paged scrollable document with a full-width background. It also uses parallax scrolling for an added 3D effect, which works if you want a good user experience. The typography is absolutely exquisite, too.

The only main flaw of Royal Plate is that its loading time is not as fast as other themes. This could be liability since it can decrease the potential of a good user experience. The layout is very standard, too, so not much to look at, but again, the design in terms of typography and colors is very nice to look at. It seems that Royal Plate is good for fine dining restaurants. In general, Royal Plate can be a good choice, precisely for its design.

Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee is definitely a cute theme for start-up cafes, tea places, or restaurants. It has this very accommodating vibe to the whole design. Just like the majority of all modern themes out there, it welcomes customers with a huge background image. However, the background image is interactive in itself, which adds to the friendly vibe it tries to show people. Visitors can activate the animation of the background image by hovering their cursor on it.

There is nothing much to say about the layout since it is very common, and the typography and color scheme generally supports the vibe it exudes. However, what’s good about Hot Coffee is that it uses icons for that visual appeal and to refrain from making the website too congested with words. Overall, Hot Coffee, as the name suggests, is really perfect for cafes. However, it can also be used by restaurants who specialize in good healthy brunches.


Tomato rides along the usual modern theme that many WordPress themes carry, even if they are not themes for restaurants. As such, it does not really offer much to customers. What it offers, though, is a clean and functional website that guarantees your site will be decent enough to visit. For instance, it’s the usual one-paged scrollable theme with clear-cut photos and sections for additional information you may want to add and you think concerns your customers.

Its typography is plainly modern, too. It isn’t anything fancy, but at least it allows you the freedom to change the color scheme of the entire theme to match the brand of your restaurant. Tomato actually offers you two layouts: wide and boxed. Either way, it still looks very plain, but at least it is consistently functional. The problem with Tomato is that it has the tendency to load slow in some devices, but overall, its functionality is reliable.


Platonic, although it has a very common layout, has a very exquisite design. It is quite obvious that the developers tried to strike a balance between the functionality of the common layout yet boosted the unique quality of the Platonic theme for a different look. Its full-width background image is animated, but what’s interesting with Platonic is that it has icons on the side of the background image for navigation.

Aside from that unique feature, the typography of Platonic is also very different. Usually, modern themes just go with the safe, bold letters and probably the same font. Platonic developers aren’t scared to experiment with other fonts, which gives this theme its own character. Different sections of Platonic also allow animations and moving images. Overall, Platonic really knows how to strike a balance between functionality and visual appeal. It’s also great to know there’s a theme that isn’t afraid to deviate in terms of style.

Steak House

Steak House is one of those themes that rides the modern-look bandwagon. It looks like all the other modern sites out there -- scrollable, one-pager, various sections, bears a full-width background image. It differs in simple aspects, though. For instance, the typography is different. Though it does make use of icons, Steak House strikes a balance between texts and images.

Steak House tries to compensate the standard look by adding a few animations here and there. A good example would be its use of parallax scrolling, which gives an effect that the entire site has animations. Other than this, this WordPress theme is clean and neat. It looks straight-forward, but not exactly boring. It is also functional in that it has all the other features of a good WordPress theme such as a section for events and announcements, and even a newsletter subscription. Steak House could be a good choice for a classy-looking restaurant.


Berg is definitely one of the most creative WordPress themes for restaurants out there. It has four looks you can choose, depending on what kind of vibe you want your restaurant to exude. The demos of Berg are: Fresh, Modest, Funky, and Classy. The developers definitely made it easier for you to choose what kind of layout you want.

What’s nice about Berg is that, although the demos are limited to just four, they really look different. Berg does not follow the standard look modern sites usually adapt. Developers are not hesitant to deviate from the standard look. Although Berg looks different, the functionality is retained. It still has sections that you might need to put on your website to provide customers with the necessary information they need from you. In addition, the design of Berg is generally beautiful, considering that the typography of the theme looks absolutely sophisticated and elegant.

Online presence for restaurants is already an important and crucial asset that you should have as a business owner. As such, we have consolidated the Best WordPress Restaurant Themes of 2017 so you can easily choose what theme to apply on your website to boost your business.

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