20+ Best WordPress Travel Themes


Many people would like to put up their own website solely about travel for different purposes. While there are so many website building content management systems out there, WordPress seems to be the most used due to its good reputation and versatility; flexibility for personal or commercial use; and reliable customer service especially for beginners of website management. In addition, WordPress has a wide audience that you can already tap when you create a website through them, giving you an established online presence to jump start your blog or website.

Creating a website for travel purposes, whether commercial or personal, is very important for various reasons. For instance, travel agencies can already accommodate bookings online, thereby boosting their profit. It is also a whole lot easier for them to entice their customers online since by having a visual website about destinations and adventure. For personal uses, people can easily share information about their adventures to those who want to try it out. With any purpose you have in mind, here are the best WordPress Travel themes of 2017 that we have identified:


GoExplore is a modern and simple WordPress travel theme. It welcomes visitors with a full-width background image, and just right below it, are widgets where you can promote different locations. The full-width background image is seamlessly connected to the header, which contains navigational links for additional information and a search bar. Further down, you can see various sections that you can put, such as other destinations to promote, perhaps even a search section, a slider for more promotion, and blog articles. The footer, as with a lot of modern sites, contains links to technical information.

GoExplore is perfect for those who earn a living from people who travel, perhaps by operating as a travel agency or just a site that would like to provide additional information about different locations for travelers. It seems perfect for a commercial site. Overall, GoExplore gives that commercial yet approachable vibe, which could suit a travel agency.


CityTours is definitely living up to its name, and it seems that developers had it in mind while creating this modern and clean theme. This WordPress travel theme is great for travel agencies, and despite being named as such, any kind of tour can be accommodated by this theme. It opens up in a common way -- with the full-width background image/slider. The slider has links for easy navigation.

Scrolling further down, you can feature more tours that you want your customers to avail of. This is presented in a grid with photos as well as accompanying texts about the tour i.e. price, name of tour, etc. If you have partner hotels or other third-party suppliers needed for the tour, you can also put it in the next section. There are also various sections as you scroll further down, allowing you to put more information. CityTours is a highly functional and practical theme for travel agencies.


Travelkit is your regular modern WordPress travel theme. Developers offer several demos in for this theme to show you that you can fully customize it however you want, and they are still currently developing a few more demos. What is different for each of this demo is not really the layout, but more of the design of the theme. Most of these demos open up with a full-width image, which is very common in most modern themes, even those that are not for travel.

As mentioned, the design is different for each of the demos. This is important because it changes the look of the website, thereby affecting the vibe of your brand, whichever you use. The designs of Travelkit can exude the following vibes: highly-professional, casual, creative, and clean and simple. Overall, although Travelkit seems very common, at the very least, it can be aligned with your travel agency brand.

Travel Time

Travel Time is a very clean, straightforward, and professional-looking WordPress theme for travel. With its functional layout, it seems that Travel Time was created for the purpose of serving travel agencies. Its header can have links for more information, and as how the demo is used, you can place destinations, tours, and activities that you can do when you travel or go on vacation.

Further down, travel agencies can put more locations that they can promote -- and there are several sections to take advantage of for this purpose. There is also a section for tour packages and featured destinations/activities/escapes. This is highly important since travelers would always be interested in pictures to entice them to go travel. The design of Travel Time, however, is very plain. It seems that Travel Time is really just trying to be highly functional, and the theme is actually good in this aspect.


EXPLOORE is a highly modern theme, and its design is good for those travel agencies who want to show that they offer adventures and unforgettable experiences. It has several demos showing various templates, but all these demos welcome visitors with a full-width background image or slider. What differs is the placement of the search bar, which can be placed in the middle of the image, at the side, or somewhere else. Even the header looks different -- you can integrate it onto the background image or have its own separate place by emphasizing the gap.

This WordPress travel theme is also highly functional. Aside from the search bar where people can directly book/reserve through your website, there are various sections for promotional purposes. You can promote activities, experiences, hotels, and tours. Overall, aside from EXPLOORE’s highly functional feature, the design is very bright and loud, helping your travel agency to look very accommodating.


Voyage is also one of those modern WordPress travel themes that is made for travel agencies or companies that offer tours or places to stay. Voyage offers various demos to showcase different ways to use the theme, but all of these demos sport a full-width background image or slider, except for one. Although generally clean and straightforward, Voyage’s theme has nice qualities to it.

For instance, the theme exudes a feel-good vibe. Because of this, it seems that Voyage is a good fit for travel agencies who want to target a younger demographic since they most likely would respond to what Voyage is trying to show them. In terms of functionality, Voyage seems to have all the features that a theme for travel agency should have, including a search bar for your services, and sections to promote other offers and destinations. Overall, Voyage should be used by travel agencies who market their products to Millennials.

Tour Booking

Tour Booking seems like your regular WordPress travel theme to support businesses of travel agencies. It shows the standard layout in some of its demos seen in the screen. It has that regular full-width background image that many WordPress themes for travel already have. But what’s great about Tour Booking is that is highly functional given all its features.

Tour Booking’s services are specifically made for travel agencies. For instance, it has features to showcase tour packages, tour details, tour destinations, tour listings, tour search, tour booking, and user accounts. This makes your website a one-stop shop for all travel-related services, especially if you actually have all these services. Your customers need not look at other sites because yours is already convenient. Overall, Tour Booking might look plain, but it is powerful under the hood. If you have problems with the design, Tour Booking allows you to customize the theme anyway.

Tour Travel

Tour Travel knows exactly how to make travel look exciting and thrilling. It opens up with your standard full-width slider, but the slider has subtle animations. Sliders seem to be very common precisely because travel is a visual experience, too. In essence, though, everything else in Tour Travel looks plain and common, but at least it has a clean layout to it. If you are using it, the slider should definitely be maximized.

Just like any other WordPress theme, Tour Travel has various sections for additional information. At the footer, you can put technical information that most companies need to have. In general, Tour Travel really is just your average WordPress theme for travel, but the slider is a good touch to its plainness. In terms of functionality, it seems that Tour Travel is reliable in itself. It is pretty obvious, though, that Tour Travel is made for travel agencies.

Grand Tour

Grand Tour should be on the top of your WordPress themes for travel if you want to target the young generation for your services. In the grander scheme of things, Grand Tour is not exactly spectacular in that it does not offer anything new. It offers standard features to travel agencies, and there are a whole lot of WordPress themes out there for travel agencies. What’s different with Grand Tour, though, is its design and typography.

For instance, it makes use of big bold letters, typically seen in modern themes that millennials and the younger ones would normally find visually appealing. Grand Tour also allows you to put a lot of pictures on your site, increasing the satisfaction visitors could get in terms of website experience. The design of Grand Tour also makes use of icons so your site does not look wordy, which could be a big no-no for websites.

Adventure Tours

There is no doubt about it -- Adventure Tours is a very clean and organized WordPress theme for travel. It looks like your ordinary travel theme, but its full-width background image is animated, to compensate, probably, for the very plain design. It also has all the features of standard themes made for travel agencies, so you are sure that this theme supports your business.

What’s nice about the design of Adventure Tours is its professional look, without being too boring. It’s very organized, that it can actually be enjoyable to navigate. It makes use of icons so that there is a balance of text and images. It boasts of thousands of icons available for your perusal, so you can even be creative with that. Overall, Adventure Tours really just looks standard, but it is impressive in its being organized and clean. This is perfect for those travel agencies who want to look professional yet not too uptight.

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage is definitely one of the most creative WordPress themes for travel on this list. An epitome of modern, Bon Voyage is not scared of not following the norm adapted by most themes out there. For starters, it does not welcome visitors with a full-width background image or slider, which, as it has to be admitted, could be boring and overused. Bon Voyage opens with an image that only fits half of your screen as the other screen is covered by the sidebar and your logo/travel agency name.

It is, however, still following the one-pager layout of most sites, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Scrolling down, you can see the different sections for your various services. Bon Voyage also uses seamless animation in its theme. A breath of fresh air, Bon Voyage is really a unique, creative, and an outstanding WordPress travel theme for your travel agency.

Tour Operator

Another contender for most creative WordPress theme for travel is Tour Operator. You might think it’s just your regular modern WordPress theme, but it has far more good qualities than a regular paid theme. First off, the layout, although it follows a standard layout, was amazingly taken advantage of. The starts with your full-width slider, and you have to scroll down to navigate the website. Using parallax effects, Tour Operator makes it feel like the entire site is alive when you navigate.

Aside from that bit of technology magic, Tour Operator has good typography and color scheme. It uses big bold letters, but the font face is far different from those common modern themes. All spaces in this theme are measured well, showing proportion in the design. Everything else is standard, though, like the sections of the website. Overall, though, Tour Operator is pleasantly appealing to visitors in terms of visual experience.

Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor does not really offer much. It offers the same standard things that many WordPress themes for travel, if not all, offer. It also welcomes guests with a full-width slider, but Travel Advisor went a bit further by putting animations to it instead of standard images. Scrolling down, you will see the usual sections of a WordPress travel theme such as the search bar, sections to promote other destinations, tours, and activities, and further information about the travel agency.

Travel Advisor tries to make subtle changes in its design, though, to make it look unique. Aside from the animation at the slider, there is a section that helps you promote destinations, or whatever you wish to put there. It has an unconventional layout, which could boost the user experience of the customer visiting your site. All in all, however, Travel Advisor is just your highly functional and practical WordPress theme for travel.


GoTravel is definitely one that could help you reach out to your target market better if your target market is the younger generation. It does not look uptight, but it does look professional. Its simplicity is not what one would usually relate to with plainness, but more of a creative structure, which millennials or the younger generation, in general, would usually respond to well.

Scrolling down, you will see a nicely-done grid of photos that you can use to promote destinations. GoTravel’s design wants it to be a purely visual experience for your customers, so it tries to hide texts that are not necessary to be in the design all the time. It does this by hiding the descriptions of the photos, which can only be seen when you hover your cursor on the photos. Despite following a very conventional style, The GoTravel theme is still creative and expressive in itself.

Love Travel

Love Travel is another one of those themes that, although is limited by following a practical design that a lot of WordPress themes for travel now follow, strives to be different in certain aspects. Love Travel is really just your ordinary theme -- it does not look any different compared to other travel themes in terms of layout, but the design is very creative in all the right places.

Love Travel makes sure that the design of your travel website is visually appealing. For instance, it has a very simple animation in its slider so it won’t be too overbearing. The typography is clear and modern. It also allows you to put many photos on the website to promote your services and destinations. The slider isn’t the only one that has animations. Some sections have subtle animations, too, and they create a big impact in the overall experience.

Travel Agency

Travel Agency seems to be a highly functional and practical WordPress theme for travel. It is designed specifically for travel agencies, and maybe companies who want to be tough-leaders for travel. In terms of design, however, Travel Agency seems to be lacking in certain areas. It isn’t what one would describe as simple as there are many opportunities to post photos to augment the visual experience of the customer when using the site.

With how it looks, Travel Agency seems to be a very flexible theme. For instance, some customers of the theme have used this for other businesses, since this theme actually has very standard features. Even though the features of Travel Agency are pretty simple and even though it has to improve in terms of design, Travel Agency promises to be a powerful and reliable theme, ensuring that it has all the features that you might need for your travel agency, or whatever business.


Traveler is a very sleek and modern theme for your travel agency/booking agency needs. It aims to make your services and products easier, which a lot of WordPress travel themes aim to do but sometimes fail to do so. Although it follows the standard layout of most WordPress themes for travel use, there are still hints of creativity in terms of design in Traveler.

For instance, it has various demos you may try, showcasing the different layouts you can use. From the looks of it, the Traveler is flexible in the sense that it isn’t limited for the use of travel agencies. For travel agencies, however, you may choose to open up with that standard full-width background image that has the booking widget integrated in it. Simple, clean, modern, and sleek, Traveler could be a good choice for travel agencies who want to keep their services accessible for online bookers.

Tour Package

Tour Package seems to be the type of WordPress travel theme that really is only for travel agencies. It does not look overly creative -- it seems that this theme aims to be functional. Travel agencies need to showcase experiences translated into photos to entice people to avail of their products and services, and Tour Package definitely allows you to do that. It has your regular full-width slider that has animations for visual appeal.

Below the slider, you have the regular sections for more tours or services, anything about your travel agency, and even a testimonial from your customers. To search for tours and packages, though, visitors need to scroll down further. Technical details and information about your travel agency can be placed at the footer. Functional yet slow, Tour Package can deliver in terms of giving you what themes should have for your travel agency needs but the design can definitely still improve.


Travelop is really just your common and generic theme, and because of this, you can use it in any way possible. It welcomes visitors with the commonly-seen full-width slider, but when you scroll down, you see a two-column layout that shows a sidebar on the right. The sidebar may contain anything about you, social media links, newsletter subscription, and other banners for the photos you need to promote.

The area on the left, which is where you put your main web content. This seems to be good for blog articles. Travelop’s main disadvantage compared to all the functional themes out there is that it isn’t as powerful. It doesn’t have features that are specifically for the use of travel agencies. As such, Travelop is best used for travel blogging. It could be a good blog travel theme since it has a clean interface. The design can definitely still be improved though.


Developers of Travelo surely made an effort to make their WordPress travel theme customizable. This is evident in the many demos that developers created to show customers that you definitely have creative freedom with Travelo while keeping its powerful functionality. However, it should be noted that the many demos of Travelo bear the same standard full-width background image or slider.

In any case, what they really tried to make different are the sections you can put. You can put various sections and just disable some that you do not need. You can put sections about testimonials of your clients and customers, a section on why they should choose your company to highlight what you offer, the destinations you want to promote, and of course, your products and services. All the other aspects of Travelo are typical. The design is satisfactory yet it can definitely still be improved to accommodate your brand.

Trendy Travel

Trendy Travel has two different layouts to choose from: one has a full-width layout while the other one has a boxed-type layout. Whatever you choose, however, you will still have that background image or slider that majority of WordPress themes out there, whether for travel or not, offers. Regardless, Trendy Travel does not have much to offer, but it does work as a theme for travel agencies to use.

Just below the background image that welcomes visitors is the search bar for booking. It has three tabs, which is good to maximize and conserve space in the website. One tab is for hotels, one is for packages, and one is for places, so you get to give customers a chance to choose which service they want from you while also promoting these services subtly. Everything after that is standard, giving you sections for promotions of other services and destinations, company profile, and other additional information.

Travel Eye

Travel Eye is definitely a very modern and clean WordPress theme for travel that you may use for your travel agency. It does open in a standard way, though, with a full-width background image or slider. What’s nice about Travel Eye is that it highlights the booking feature of your site which does two functions: it makes booking accessible for your customers and it encourages customers to go book.

Everything else about Travel Eye is standard, even its design. It has all the sections that most travel themes bear. The design in itself is clean and pleasing to the eyes, but it does not offer anything overly creative. Travel Eye, however, does have a gallery, which some travel themes do not. Photos are a good way to encourage your customers to go on a trip and experience an adventure, so it is good to maximize this feature of Travel Eye.

There are so many travel themes out there, so we took the initiative to help you out and collate all the Best WordPress Travel themes of 2017. This ensures you that whatever you choose from this list, you will enjoy the functionality and satisfactory design.

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